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If you are a college graduate and would like to earn extra money, follow these three easy steps to become an independent contract-tutor for TutorQuest.

First Step Complete the online Independent Contract-Tutor application form by (1) selecting all cities you are willing to travel to in order to tutor, (2) selecting all subjects you are qualified to tutor, and (3) selecting all grade levels you are qualified to tutor.
Note: to be qualified to tutor a subject, you must have at least 12 college hours in that subject OR you must have professional experience the equivalent thereof.
Second Step Print and complete the W9 form; make sure you sign and date it.

Mail your completed W9 to:

TutorQuest, Attention: Applications
9167 Kershaw Court,
Manassas, VA. 20110

*If you would like to expedite the process, you may first fax the completed form to us at 703-368-3238, and then mail us the original.*

Note the printable forms require Adobe® Reader®
If you do not a have it you can download a free copy at:

Third Step
  1. Print 2 copies of the Independent Contract-Tutor: Applicant Referral Form.
  2. Complete the Applicant portion of the form.
  3. Mail to your reference:
    (a) the form
    (b) a stamped envelope addressed to:

    TutorQuest, Attention: References
    9167 Kershaw Court,
    Manassas, VA. 20110

    *To be valid, Referrals must be mailed from your reference directly to TutorQuest.*

Phone: local 703-368-3867   Toll free 888-278-8867


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