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How TutorQuest tutors can assist parents and students.

Tutoring at home

The decision to homeschool your child or children is a highly personal decision. The trend however, is growing. An estimated 1.25 million children are now being homeschooled. All observers agree this number will continue to grow rapidly over the years.

TutorQuest, advises its parents to research their decision to homeschool and make sure that they are in compliance with state and local requirements.

TutorQuest, role in Homeschooling:

Our professional, certified tutors can assist with homeschooling in a number of ways:

Full-time Curriculum Instruction:

Teaching the entire curriculum to your child on a daily basis.

Part time Course Instruction:

Tutoring only selected courses of your child’s curriculum. i.e. Foreign Language, Chemistry, Reading etc.

Part time Concept Instruction:

Tutoring only selected concepts or topics from a course. i.e. Phonics, writing an essay etc.

Resource Consultant:

Assisting the parent as a consultant, helping to instruct a specific learning style, assessments, monitoring.

Specific Program Instruction:

SAT Preparation, instruction in either Verbal of Math or both areas. Study Skills, including topics such as time management, note taking, reading a textbook etc.

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